Giving Back

For us, engaging with charity organizations for the betterment of our communities happens year-round. Beyond sophisticated building solutions, we give our time, talents and resources to create lasting, meaningful impact within our surrounding areas. Whether it means being a key sponsor for a K-12 charity, fostering symbiotic relationships with civic organizations, creating age-appropriate activities or donating supplies and toys, we are always intentionally reinvesting our success in the organizations that make a difference.



Guiding Youth With Lead Guitar

Our committed corporate charity involves serving as an ongoing sponsor of Lead Guitar – an organization whose mission is to provide young people more access to musical education. Our contribution includes lending corporate resources that enable Lead Guitar to hold classes, events and showcases that shine a light on this valuable program.

Playing guitars

We have chosen to support Lead Guitar as a way to give back to the community and the youth that will help shape our future.

-Dan Bueschel, Modigent C.E.O.