Paradise Valley Elementary School #33

Owner: Paradise Valley Unified School District

Within four new buildings of Paradise Valley Elementary School #33, including two two-story classroom buildings, an administration building, and a multi-purpose building, our scope was inclusive of the installation of an HVAC system and the accompanying controls throughout classrooms, multi-purpose areas, offices, bathrooms and corridors. Our goal for this project was to leverage our experience in the education industry to create the most comfortable and safe learning environment for the students, the administration and school staff.

Across the school we installed:
  • 60 packaged rooftop heat pump units ranging from 3 to 15-ton nominal capacity, each with ultra-low leakage power exhaust economizers, MERV 8 filters, and plasma air bi-polar ionization air cleaners
  • 4 Split System heat pump units with hail guards
  • 7-day programmable thermostats Energy Management System
  • A 500 CFM kiln exhaust hood/fan assembly with a programmable timer
  • Roof mounted downdraft, direct drive, exhaust fans with barometric backdraft dampers, vari-green ECM motors and integral roof curbs
  • 70 CFM ceiling mounted restroom exhaust fans with vari-green ECM motors and integral exhaust grilles