Hello Fresh

Owner: Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh needed major assistance with tenant improvements within its food processing plant that was made up of a warehouse and office section within the building. As an existing building, it presented some challenges regarding the thousands of square feet of excavation, back fill and trench compaction required before plumbing could be installed. This project involved the planning and installation of a complete sanitary waste and vent system as well as replacing fixtures in the building, tying in the existing waste and vent piping to the new piping. Along with piping, we were responsible for installing the hot and cold water systems and corresponding fixtures and furnishing overhead compressed air piping and drop downs to 100 locations.

Within the office area:
  • 60 wall hung toilets
  • 20 urinals
  • 8 bi-level drinking fountains
  • 15 floor drains in restroom areas
  • 32 counter-mounted lavs
  • 3 wall hung lavs
  • 2 complete breakrooms
  • Electric water heaters
  • 41 mop and gown sinks
Within the warehouse area:
  • 11 wall hung toilets
  • 6 bi-level drinking fountains
  • 6 restroom floor drains
  • 6 floor sinks
  • 4 counter-mounted lavs
  • 3 wall hung lavs
  • Electric water heater
  • 11 insta hots
  • 22 hose reels
  • 1 scrubber dump interceptor
  • 42 stainless steel floor sinks
  • 11 evap coolers