Harkins Theatres

Our work for the 27 Harkins Theaters locations across Arizona results in a continuum of service, covering a wide range of specialties. More than just repairing and replacing AC, refrigerant equipment and exhaust fans, we offer a responsiveness that no one can match. To maintain optimal interior conditions and customer experience, we respond within two hours to ensure that guests are comfortable, the ice is clean, and the projection equipment is working properly. Over the past year alone, we have handled 714 service calls for Harkins. In the course of that time, we have provided refrigerant retrofit solutions to keep their costs down, cleaned and maintained their ice machines, and offered aftermarket solutions when OEM parts were no longer available or had long lead times. To maintain this partnership, we invest in bi-monthly meetings to review proposals, processes and priorities for all 27 theaters. As a trusted advisor, we work seamlessly with Harkins management, communicating regularly, to help them assess what’s around the corner and to consider every option to help them offer customers the best experience possible.